We are a team of designers, developers and printers with a big idea. The idea was to create pixel level stunning design with high quality
production and we hold our head up after short but beautiful seven years. LARO Advertising uncompromising dedication to quality service
has attracted enviable customers who became our friends, which includes many of our leading corporate companies, designers and
Advertising agencies.
We look forward to meet you to find out how we can best deliver your needs.

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What we


We serve an Excellent aroma of services, in three (3) main streams as Design, Branding & Production according to company’s need.


It’s people that inspired us. People inspire us to make & deliver innovations that satisfy their unmet needs. When we bring people with state of the art technology together, we create something ideal innovation that will express the people more & truly want. We long look forward to work with creative & innovative people
around & elsewhere.


+251 116 678 628
+251 911 025 874 / +251 936 555 460

Addis Abeba,Bole Woreda 03,
Bole Medhanialem Area,Morning Star Mall,
4 th Floor #424