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The sportswear giant is to compete against Nike and Adidas in a range of new footwear designed to help athletes prepare for the Winter Olympics.

The competition will see Tesla and the sportswears company create custom-made footwear to help train athletes in winter sports, including ice skating, snowboarding, and cross-country skiing.

The two-year competition will be run by the IOC, the governing body for the Games, with the aim of bringing the latest technology and innovation to the sport.

“The competition will help develop and develop athlete skills,” said Stephane Dubourg, the IOC’s executive director for sport.

“It will be the first time that an Olympic athlete will wear shoes designed specifically for the Olympics.”

While the new footwear will be limited to the athletes in the Olympics, it will also be used in other competitions.

Nike is already producing custom-built footwear for athletes in a number of sports, such as ice skating and snowboarding.

Adidas has also recently produced a range for athletes to help them prepare for winter sports.

The IOC said that in the event of a winter event, it is the athlete’s responsibility to wear suitable footwear.

“We must protect the athletes, and athletes have to be able to protect themselves,” Dubourgl said.

“The athlete has to be the main person, not just the victim, and they have to have a good understanding of the situation.”

The IOC has not confirmed the details of the competitions yet, but said that the new range will help train and develop athletes from a young age.

“It will allow athletes to develop a range that will allow them to better cope with the conditions of winter,” Dubout said.

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