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How to shop for a UFC fighter’s jersey in Britain?

The answer is simple.

If you want to buy one, go to Paragon Sports Shop.

The Paragon store, which is based in Liverpool, sells the jerseys in the United Kingdom, but you can also buy them online, at the UFC’s official retail outlets, and in other retail outlets.

You can also pay by credit card.

You can also purchase them at the Paragon sports shop.

It’s not an official UFC retailer, so if you want a fighter’s official merchandise, it’s not there yet. 

The official Paragon site states the jersey can be ordered from the UFC store, but this is not a guarantee.

The UFC has also been very tight-lipped on the issue of the jerseys. 

“We have been unable to confirm if or how the UFC stores jersey orders at the moment,” Paragon said in a statement.

“The UFC store does not have a store at Paragon.

We are not in the position to confirm or deny any orders from the Paragons store, so Paragon does not comment on its online and offline store.”

The Paragons website says it has a team of staff who monitor the store, and there’s an official email address to receive any orders.

Paragon also has a Facebook page which, as of writing, had only 500 likes. 

When asked about the lack of a Paragon shop, UFC spokeswoman Sara Bassett told the BBC: “We have not had any customer complaints about the Paralgames store and would not comment further on any specific situation.”

As part of our ongoing efforts to promote the UFC, Paragon offers UFC fans the opportunity to shop with our team of passionate and knowledgeable experts and staff, including the Paragames team.

Paragon Sports has been in the business of selling UFC gear for over a decade and are excited to continue this tradition in the future,” Bassett added.

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