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Sixteen months ago, the new Holden Commodore was unveiled and the Commodore brand was about to take its biggest step in a generation.

The Commodore brand is one of the most successful and recognizable automotive brands in the world and its success is no accident.

Holden’s flagship Commodore was a high-performance sports car with an all-wheel drive system that enabled the brand to be the world’s leading automaker.

The brand is known for its distinctive design language and aggressive styling, but it also has a history of making a bold and innovative product.

For years, the brand’s executives had been trying to redefine its role in the automotive industry by making a car that could be used for everything from road trips to off-road racing.

The new car was an evolution of that original concept and the first model of the new Commodore, the Commodore XK, was unveiled in November 2017.

The XK is a compact crossover and was the first to offer a powertrain and suspension combination that was not only more powerful than the outgoing XK but also much more efficient.

This combination was achieved through a more efficient engine design and more efficient suspension.

The styling was also an evolution and the new car featured a sleek, sporty design with bold, aerodynamic lines that were reminiscent of the Japanese brand’s sports cars.

The design was a big hit with consumers and the brand is now widely available in various configurations.

The next step in the company’s evolution is the launch of the Commodore Juke, the successor to the Juke Commodore.

The Juke is the brand new Commodore sports car and it will debut in 2018.

The Juke was launched at the Tokyo Motor Show in October 2018 and is expected to be sold in North America in the summer of 2019.

The latest Commodore news has to do with the introduction of the brand-new, turbocharged, four-cylinder, all-terrain sports car from Holden.

The Holden Commodore XB Commodore is the new flagship Commodore model and is the first Commodore to offer the full range of performance, power and style that the brand has been known for for more than 30 years.

The car will be powered by a 2.0-liter, turbo-charged four-wheel-drive, all wheel drive, petrol engine that has been tuned for a more agile driving experience.

The front suspension will be of a new type and will be designed to allow the car to perform at the highest levels of off-roading.

The bodywork, with its angular and muscular shape, will be reminiscent of that of the Ford Focus ST and the suspension will also be designed with more rigidity.

The cabin will be the same as the current Commodore XR Commodore, but the doors will be redesigned with a sportier look.

The rear seats will also have a sporty look and the front seats will have more padding, which is intended to increase the stability of the occupants.

The rear seats also feature a wider rear window.

The engine will have a new air suspension that has a greater overall load capacity, enabling the car’s top speed to be increased by up to 150 mph.

The company says that the XB is designed for off-highway driving, but there is also room for off road racing, mountain biking and other off-grid pursuits.

There are two versions of the XK and the XA.

The first is the XM Commodore, which comes with a 2,700-pound (1,900 kg) gross vehicle weight (GVWR) rating.

The XM model is the entry level model that is available in both two- and four-door versions, which are priced at $39,990 for the standard and $47,990 and $49,990, respectively.

The second model is called the XC Commodore, and it has a 2 1/2-liter V6 that has more than twice the performance of the previous model.

The engine of the model is a 3.0 liter, four cylinder, all cylinder engine that produces a peak of 310 hp and 300 lb-ft (225 kW) of torque.

The four cylinder engine also features a turbocharger and four valves per cylinder, which help boost the fuel economy to 100 miles per gallon (126 km/h).

The new model has a top speed of 205 mph (300 km/hr) and can go from 0-60 mph (62 km/p) in 4.9 seconds.

The all-new Commodore XD is also available in four- and six-door variants.

The price of the two new Commodore models is $49.990 for a standard or $59.990 with a turbocharged 4-cyline engine.

The two models are also priced at between $39 and $56, depending on the trim level.

For the 2018 model year, the first generation XK Commodore will be available in three-door, two-door and four door configurations

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