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It’s no secret that many Corvette owners are fans of their cars, but it’s not just the aesthetics.

Corvette enthusiasts love their cars.

That’s the driving force behind the passion of the sports car community.

Corvette owner Scott Miller has been building his dream car for more than a decade, and now he has the means to build it himself.

Miller has built his dream Corvette for nearly two decades.

His dream car is a modern sports car that has a modern engine, a modern chassis, and a modern powertrain.

This is a Corvette.

Miller says he wanted to build a sports car to represent what he loves most about Corvette ownership.

“This is what we do best, and that’s driving and getting behind the wheel of this car,” Miller said.

“We want to represent the cars that we’re passionate about.”

It all starts with the engine.

Miller used to drive a 1971 Pontiac Bonneville Super Sport, which was the first Corvette to ever make it to the U.S. The car had a four-speed manual transmission and was a favorite of his father, the late Chuck Miller.

The Super Sport was also the first sports car the family owned.

In 2009, Chuck Miller sold the Bonnevilles and bought a new Pontiac, the 2013 Corvette Stingray.

Miller was already a proud Corvette owner, but he was even more excited about this new car.

He was looking for something he could call his own.

“I wanted something that had the same engine, the same chassis, the chassis and the engine that he built, so it was like I had my own little family,” Miller explained.

Miller knew he had to create something that would be as similar to the Pontiac as possible.

That meant the Stingray was going to be his first sports-car.

Miller wanted to make sure his car had the most modern, modern parts.

The Corvette Stingrays engine is a 4.5L V8.

The four-cylinder engine is built using a supercharger and has an additional exhaust system.

Miller also built a modified version of the Stingrays superchargers that have been designed for high-performance racing applications.

This means the engine gets the most power possible out of the superchargors and the car is designed to be able to deliver over 600 horsepower.

Miller’s Stingray gets an automatic transmission.

The automatic transmission is the fastest transmission available, but this means Miller needed a manual transmission.

“There’s a lot of people who are not familiar with how automatic transmissions work, so I figured it was a good idea to go with a manual, so that people could understand how I did it,” Miller told Inside EVs.

Miller is a certified technician and has driven a number of cars that were either a sports-catalog model or a sports coupe.

The Pontiac Stingray is the second-generation Corvette that has been built by Miller.

He originally wanted to put his Corvette StingRay into production, but that project was scrapped when the company decided to move production of the Corvette to Mexico.

Miller decided to start from scratch.

He started with the body.

He wanted to have the most functional body possible.

“It was going from the back end of the car to the front end of it,” he said.

Miller said he started with a stock car that was built for the sport and had a 3.8L V6.

“For that car, it had a really low rev limit, which is what I like,” Miller joked.

Miller went with a 2.8 liter engine.

That engine has a 5-speed automatic gearbox and is paired with a seven-speed auto.

Miller built a custom-built Stingray that was just a little smaller than the car he was building, but the car still had the V6 engine.

He then started the car on the road with a 4WD setup, but Miller had to modify it for racing.

“That was one of the hardest modifications I’ve done,” Miller admitted.

Miller had the Corvette StingRAY race in California and he had the StingRAY driven around the track.

The StingRAY is an electric sports car with an electric motor and is capable of over 600 hp.

The electric motor is connected to the electric motor that powers the 4WD system by a six-speed transmission.

Miller and his team built a sports touring car that also uses the 4.7L V10.

The sports touring vehicle was built by a team of Miller’s employees and has the same 3.5 liter engine as the StingRay.

Miller made sure the StingREX is completely street legal.

Miller uses a rear-drive layout to make it possible for the Sting REX to go all the way from highway speeds to city speeds.

Miller believes the StingRX is the perfect vehicle for people who want to build their own sports car, and he’s confident he can do that.

“The StingREx is a sports

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