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New York-based sports store Sports Shop is opening its first store in Italy and has signed a deal with the Corrière dello Sport.

The sports shop is a sports equipment retailer, sporting goods retailer and apparel company with over 60 stores across the United States.

It has already opened a sports store in Las Vegas and plans to open one in Chicago in 2018. The Corrié dello Sports was founded by the brothers Jean-Pierre and Jean-Louis Corrières in 2009.

The business has expanded into apparel, footwear and accessories since then.

It is now a chain of sports shops across the U.S., Europe and Japan.

Sports Shop will be the first Italian sports store to open in the United Kingdom.

Sports shop also recently signed a multi-year deal with a global sports marketing agency to help launch its sports department.

It will also be the latest Italian sports brand to be signed to the Corrib brand umbrella.

The new store is expected to open next year in Milan, the first store to be established in the city.

The brand is known for its Italian heritage and sports apparel, including its signature black and white jerseys.

The two brothers have also launched two sports shoe brands in the U, with Corriertone.

Corriérès is one of the best-known sports shoe brand names in the world, and has been a fixture at the World Cup, Olympics and the Summer Olympics.

The brothers also launched the world’s first sports shoe and apparel store, in Rome.

They also launched a sports clothing line and launched a fitness and health apparel brand called The Coriertone Company.

The family business was established in 1892.

It’s first store was opened in Florence, Italy, in 1924.

Sportsshop is the second Italian sports shop to open its first stores in the country.

The first was opened by Italian entrepreneur Giuseppe Boccaccio in 2005 in Rome, Italy.

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