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When you consider that the K9 Sport is a highly modified version of the popular Jeep K9 sports car – which is why its so desirable for thieves – you might be forgiven for thinking that the vehicle is not worth much.

But that’s not the case.

It’s a highly desirable sports car and has already been used in at least three criminal investigations.

The K9 was featured in a 2014 movie that was filmed by British actor Sam Esmail, who played a former police dog trainer, and the car has since been featured in several TV shows and movies.

The car is also a popular item on eBay and the company selling it has reportedly made over $100,000 off the sale.

The police in Australia have been using the car to investigate several stolen cars, and have reportedly made $150,000 in a single week off of the sale of the vehicle.

But K9 is not the only car worth its weight in gold in the world of stolen cars.

A new version of BMW’s popular X1 is also being targeted by thieves.

It’s been reported that the BMW X1 has already cost the thieves more than $1 million.

In fact, the car is so popular that BMW has even made a video on how to steal one.

The thief, named as “M”, has already broken into four vehicles and is believed to have taken $1.7 million.

It seems that the X1’s price tag is more than a little high.

A police source told The Sun that the thieves have already made a total of $1,077,000, or around $10,000 per vehicle.

While the price is impressive, it’s still a lot less than the BMW.

The vehicle is now worth about $2.5 million, but the price of a BMW X3 is estimated to be $7.5million.

This means that a BMW stolen in the UK can now be worth about a quarter of a million dollars.

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