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With the arrival of the new 2017 NFL season, the league is taking an interest in bra sales.

The league is hoping to increase the amount of female fans who will buy bras.

The NFL has been selling sports bras in stores since 2014, with the majority of the sales being to women ages 18 to 34.

The sportswear giant has been aggressively expanding its presence in women’s fashion.

The company was even rumored to be developing a line of women’s sportswears, but that deal fell through in January 2018.

Now, the NFL has announced it is launching a new bra sales initiative.

The initiative will be aimed at increasing female demand for women’s sports bras, which is an important market for the company.

The league’s new effort will target all women, and will begin on Monday, August 4, 2018.

The effort is called “Sports Bra for Women,” and it will focus on sales in stores and online.

“It’s a very important time in women, because women are a key demographic for the sportswearing industry,” league spokesperson Jason Scott told The Verge.

“Women are a much more important demographic than men in our industry, so it’s important to have that kind of focus.”

“There’s always going to be a place for women in sports, and there’s always a place in the world for women,” Scott added.

“The key thing is to have a strong focus on this very specific segment of women.”

The initiative will include six different sales channels, and the league hopes to reach out to “millions of women” through these sales.

It will also focus on new women’s brands.

The goal is to create “a seamless experience for women that has everything to do with women’s well-being and well-connectedness,” according to the league.

The NFL’s new strategy comes at a time when sports bra sales are on the rise, as demand for these products has skyrocketed.

The brand sales figures are also growing at an unprecedented rate, and that is why the NFL is trying to leverage its sales efforts to boost its brand.

Scott explained that the league’s goal with the new initiative is to get “a lot of women in the market” for the brand, but also to “get a lot of people to buy sports bras.”

“If we could get 10 million people to want to buy a sports bra, we would have made a lot more money,” he said.

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