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NBC Sports Network is celebrating its 25th year of sports fencing, with NBCSN and NBC Sports Live Extra now featuring more than 300,000 live broadcasts of the sport every weekday, along with the NBC Sports app.

In celebration of the network’s 25th season, NBC Sports Editor-in-Chief Mark Landov, a longtime sports fan, spoke with “The Week” host Joe Schad about the sport, the NBCSN digital platform, and what he expects in the next decade.

You can watch “The Weekend with Joe Schads” on NBC Sports LIVE.

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The Weekend With Joe Schadd and Mark Landovev NBCSN: What is sports fencing?

Mark Landov: It’s a form of fencing that is very much based on the traditional Japanese sword-fighting style.

And it’s the Japanese swordplay.

It’s very, very popular with people who come from Japan.

But it’s a very, really complex sword-play.

The blade is curved and curved and it’s really tough.

And the most important thing is, it’s not very complicated.

There are two kinds of swords.

There’s the longsword and the shortsword.

And they’re both very long, very sharp.

And when you put them together, they form a very sharp blade that can cut through steel.

So there’s this very strong, very, well-balanced, extremely fast blade that is extremely dangerous for a human to hit.

And so, the traditional swordsmanship is really good for human combat.

It can actually be a great way to defend yourself and get a quick knockout in a short amount of time.

And you can do it on the floor and it works very well.

It also works very good in an indoor environment, too.

It has the benefit of being very light, and being able to cut through any material that you want to cut, which is really, really important for the modern world.

So, for example, if you’re trying to defend against a large, fast-moving man who is going to get you in the eye or you’re going to hit a person in the head, it makes it very, much easier for you to cut the person and get in the person’s eye.

It is very, kind of, very powerful and it can really be very effective against a human.

It will make it much harder for the attacker to penetrate and kill you, and that’s a real advantage.

It would be very difficult for a man to penetrate a human’s eye with a longsword, but a sword that’s very long and very sharp and very heavy can really make a difference.

It could also be a really good way to take a big chunk of flesh off of a human body.

So it’s very effective, very lethal, and very effective for defense.

You can also use it to defend your life and your family, which I think is important.

You know, I’ve seen people killed and people hurt because they’re trying, you know, to defend themselves against an attacker.

You’ve got to be prepared.

And I think it’s important to be able to defend oneself in that way.

NBC Sports: How do you define ‘sports’?

Mark Landoveva: Sports fencing is a combination of martial arts and fencing.

It involves two swords.

The longsword is a very powerful sword, the short sword is a much lighter weapon, and the blade is a short, very strong blade that’s sharp enough to cut anything, but it’s strong enough to penetrate anything that you need to penetrate.

So this is very dangerous for any human being to hit, but you don’t have to use your body or your hands.

You have to be really good with your weapon and your mind.

It takes a lot of training and practice.

You learn to use the weapons in your hand and your blade, and you have to master the weapons.

You need to be extremely disciplined in the way you train.

It really takes a long time.

You start off with nothing, and then you build it up.

It becomes very, extremely effective against human beings.

You use your whole body and your whole strength to cut and cut and break everything that comes at you.

And, it takes a little bit of practice, but once you get it, it becomes a very dangerous weapon.

It requires a lot more time and a lot less discipline than a sword.

You’re not supposed to be attacking people with your longsword.

You are supposed to use this sword as a weapon.

But the blade needs to be very sharp, because it’s so long.

And your weapon is very strong.

You also need to understand the difference between the long sword and the sword of the sword-master.

And that’s why you need a master swordsman, because you don and they don’t.

They’re not like that, and they’re not trained to be that

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