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When Nike’s new Nike Sports bras are introduced, it will be the first time in history that the company has made a sports bra for women that was designed to be a versatile, fashionable piece that’s made of a fabric that’s a combination of nylon and polyester.

The bra is expected to be released in September.

A few years ago, when the company was starting to expand into the market for women’s athletic wear, a company called Glamour made a bra with a mesh-like material that was a perfect match for the style and functionality of the sports bras that it was designing.

It was a very popular bra and its design caught on.

Glamour was in the business of creating a range of athletic bras that were designed to keep you active and looking sexy.

Its bras had a variety of styles ranging from the basic, like the standard one, to more premium, like Glamorise, that had a mesh lining that allowed for a more luxurious fit.

It also offered a variety and a range on the size, which was very important for many women because they had to find a bra that fit them correctly.

It became clear that there were a lot of women that wanted a more athletic bra, and it was important to provide the best product that could do it.

It became clear early on that there was a need for a bra to meet a broader range of needs.

And, that’s when we started looking at a range.

That’s why, at the time, we created a range, because it wasn’t really appropriate to do a sports-specific bra.

It just wasn’t appropriate.

The first bras to offer a mesh bra were made by the British company Nautilus.

And they were made for the most athletic women in the world.

Nautiluses sports bras had mesh lining and a variety in sizes from 32 to 40.

And that was an amazing bra for the people who were very athletic, and the women who were just looking to keep their body fit.

And it really did hold up well.

But, then in 2012, Nautils CEO Michael Burt said he was going to take his business away from the company and start his own company.

And he started a new company called Burt Sports, which is basically a sports apparel company.

So, Burt had a vision for what a sports and women’s sports bra should look like.

And the first thing that he said was that he wanted a sports style bra that could be worn by people who are not super athletic, but are looking for a sporty bra that they can wear with a dress.

So, he came up with the Nautiliuses mesh bra, which has a mesh lined lining that allows for a very luxurious fit and is very soft.

It’s a very supportive bra, so it can be worn for short or long periods of time.

Burt’s vision was that a sports or athletic bra should be something that was available in every woman’s size.

It should also be easy to wear, which we wanted.

The mesh is very absorbent, and there are three types of fabric that make up the mesh lining: a nylon, a polyester, and a polyurethane, which Burt called a soft fabric.

All of the Nauts bras are made from nylon.

The nylon fabric is very breathable, very soft, and lightweight.

The fabric is also made from a blend of nylon, polyester and polyurethe.

And so, they are also known as “Nautilus” fabrics, which stands for Nautilicure, Polyurethanes and Lyres.

They are one of the most popular sports bra fabrics.

There are also three other types of fabrics that make it up the lining: Nautilia, Naturia and Nautilli.

And each one of those three types is also great for sports bra design.

So each of the three fabrics has the advantage of being absorbent and being soft, as well as being light and durable.

They also have a very soft finish.

So they can be used in very different ways, whether it’s for athletic wear or not.

And, in order to create the best bra for a sports woman, Burds design team went to great lengths to make sure that the fabrics used in the bra were the most absorbent in terms of how absorbent they are.

Naturilia and Naturi fabrics have a soft feel that feels great on the skin, but they have the ability to be very absorbant.

They’re made from polyester fibers.

The Nautillis are made of nylon fibers, and they are made to be extremely soft.

They have the softest finish and feel very luxurious on the body.

And Nauti fabrics are made in a very light and very breathy fabric.

And Burd says they’re ideal for people who don’t want a very high-

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