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The CBS sitcom “Big Brother” has been accused of “perpetuating the idea that cheating is acceptable” and “blaming everyone but the guilty for their transgressions”. 

On Tuesday, The Hollywood Reporter published a piece by author Chris Duesterdiek, who chronicled the “inaccurate” portrayals of houseguests and the series’ treatment of the contestants. 

In a new piece for THR, Dueserdiek paints a picture of how the show, and the perception of its viewers, has skewed the way that people perceive cheating.

“As a contestant on Big Brother, I had no idea what was going on.

I was an outsider.

My friends, however, were very comfortable talking about cheating, and I had access to the houseguest’s cell phone and email, which allowed them to talk about it with each other.

I also had access both to the cast and crew’s emails and texts, which enabled me to see what was being said about me, and also to hear about what my fellow housemates were doing,” he writes.

“For some, cheating was a serious crime; for others, it was a game.

The show made it seem like cheating was acceptable.

For me, it felt like I was in a cage.” 

“The Big Brother” cast member Adam Savage (right) and his girlfriend, Hannah Dillard. 

The show has also been accused by former cast members of making it easier for cheating to take place, by casting players as the victims and then exploiting the characters for their own personal gain. 

“My experience with Big Brother is that it’s not just a houseguess game, it’s a way to exploit the characters to win,” former houseguys like Adam Savage, Josh Wigler, and Aubry Bracco told THR. 

However, some cast members have said they feel like it was never their intention to perpetuate cheating. 

Dueserda says he has been working with producers since the show’s inception and “wanted to make sure the characters were not abused”. 

“I was working with a group of people, and this was the first time I had been on the show as a cast member, and we were told, ‘Don’t worry, we’ll figure it out,’ ” he said. 

According to the article, the show made a point to not only expose houseguides but to also include more open discussion on social media. 

While the article did not say who wrote the piece, Dentsterdieks claims it was written by the producer, Ryan Seacrest, and was written to coincide with the season finale of “Big, Big Brother.” 

The article also says that producers were worried about how the article would be received by the viewers, but “in the end, Big, Big’s reception was overwhelmingly positive, with more than 3 million people watching the first episode online.” 

Big Brother airs on CBS on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

ET and repeats Wednesday at 9 p.f.m., and the show will be renewed for another season this fall. 

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