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By now, you’ve heard that guns are a part of the fabric of American life.

So why are there thousands of guns at the college level?

Well, the answer to that question is that college sports, as a whole, is a very violent place.

As a nation, we have more guns per capita than anywhere else.

So that is a pretty big problem.

And we have to be much more aware of that.

The guns we do have are often loaded with drugs and other things that are really dangerous and deadly.

And the only way to solve that problem is to have more people in these colleges that are trained and supervised and trained in self-defense and gun safety.

And I think that’s what the NFL and other organizations are trying to do.

The NFL, the NBA, the NFLPA are working with colleges and universities on some very specific proposals.

The NRA, I think, is very much focused on making sure that we don’t lose the opportunity to make college sports safer.

They are trying very hard to make sure that schools are getting the proper training.

And in the meantime, I have been talking to a number of college presidents and coaches and athletes about this issue, and they all say the same thing: The guns are in schools, and it’s the wrong place for them.

But we need to be mindful of that, because there is a big difference between the college-age population and the youth population.

So, what does that mean?

Well it means that a lot of the people who go to college don’t have the skills to carry a firearm safely, and the only thing they have to rely on are their friends, their coaches, and their teammates.

The people who get shot and killed in college are often the people whose friends have a gun and are ready to use it.

So when a young man or woman goes to college, their first instinct is to go into a school and get a gun, which they are not.

So you have a whole lot of people that are going to carry guns on campus and not being taught self-defence and gun safe.

They’re going to take whatever they see and shoot and kill.

So we need all of us to be very mindful of this, and to take our self-discipline and be very diligent in making sure we have people that we know are safe, that we’re trained and that we have good supervision in the schools, because that’s going to save a lot more lives than a lot if we do not.

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