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Sport Illustrated’s 506 magazine, which focuses on sport, is gearing up for a big fall.

The magazine will debut a new sports section, and is currently working on a new book.

But, the issue’s editor, James Gollick, is already working on his next project, a sports themed cover that aims to make sport more accessible to everyone.

“I’m excited to be part of the 506 team, to be publishing in the magazine, and I feel like the 507 team has the perfect mix of sports coverage,” he told Quartz.

Gollicks job title is to “capture the essence of sports and make it accessible to anyone.”

In other words, he’s working on sport covers that aren’t just sports-related.

The cover is inspired by the way sports are viewed by athletes and their fans.

The sports cover will be inspired by people’s reactions to sports.

It will be a snapshot of the person’s reaction, not an analysis of what the sport is about.

It’ll have a different feel than sports-specific cover stories.

It’s an experiment.

There are so many different sports covers, and you could probably make your own cover with different colors and styles of sports.

Golls hopes to have his cover ready by November.

“We want to create an experience for the reader, and we want to have a conversation with the reader,” he said.

The 506 cover will focus on the most popular sports, such as golf and swimming.

The sport-specific edition is still being finalized.

The project comes at a time when sports are at a critical moment.

The Olympics are expected to close in Rio de Janeiro in less than two months, and the Rio Paralympics will be held on July 8-10.

Sports are now a hot topic of discussion after the United States pulled out of the Games and the IOC pulled out the torch from Rio’s Olympic Park in 2019.

A number of sports are also being scrutinized for their impact on women’s equality and equality in sport.

Sports Illustrated has been criticized for covering issues that are important to women.

Gons cover will address some of the more controversial topics of gender inequality and women’s sport.

“A lot of the coverage in the 508 covers has been very male focused, and that’s something we’re going to explore with 506,” GollICK said.

“But I think we’re also going to talk about things like, ‘Is it just about women?

Or is it more about the male sports?’

Is it more male than women?’

So we’re always looking to find those kinds of topics.”

Gollack is hoping that the cover will not only be a conversation piece, but a conversation starter.

“There’s a lot of conversation that sports are an issue that we should be talking about, and 506 will help us do that,” he added.

“It’s also an opportunity to really explore the gender-related questions of gender equality, as well as the questions around women in sport, and then it’s a way for readers to connect with the sports writers that they want to see more of.”

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