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The world is awash with sports goggles, but most of them are small and cheap.

Now, a startup called Sports Goggles aims to change that.

It is hoping to make sport glasses the next big thing for athletes, and it’s working to get its glasses to the shelves of retailers across the world.

The company is working with several top retailers, including Amazon, and will begin shipping its first pair of sports goggles on Monday.

It’s a big deal, because the company’s glasses are the first sports goggles to be approved for use in competitive sports, according to company founder and CEO John Binder.

And because the glasses are meant for use with helmets, they can be used for any game or activity.

Here’s how Sports Goggle’s goggles work.

First, a headset is attached to a player’s head.

The glasses then send an RF signal through the helmet and into the player’s brain, so the helmet can read and recognize what you’re saying.

The RF signal helps keep the player alert, but the glasses also help the athlete keep their cool.

This is especially important for competitive sports because of the speed of the game, Binder said.

“When you are playing in the heat, you can’t focus on anything for an extended period of time,” he said.

The athlete will also get the advantage of wearing goggles that are compatible with helmet designs that are currently being used in sports.

“There’s not a lot of helmet design out there right now that can support the type of performance you’re trying to achieve,” Binder added.

The team is currently working on a pair of goggles that will be compatible with the Oculus Rift headset, but it will also be compatible for the Microsoft HoloLens, Binders said.

That will allow the athlete to play games in VR, or virtual reality.

“We’re working on making the goggles that can be worn on the Oculus headset compatible with a wide variety of helmets, which means you can wear goggles that don’t have that issue,” Binders explained.

The goggles will cost around $200, and Binder hopes to sell them at a low price point.

Sports Gigs will likely be used primarily by professional athletes and elite athletes in sports like football, basketball, hockey and tennis.

Binder expects to be able to make at least 10 pairs of glasses a week.

“Our goal is to have 100,000 pairs of goggles in the market within two years,” Bister said.

In the meantime, he hopes to have the glasses on the shelves in the United States within six months.

The Glasses: The glasses are currently in the prototype stage.

They are designed to have a standard helmet that will fit snugly into the glasses, but Binder says they will be able add a small, adjustable visor to make it comfortable to wear for longer periods of time.

And the goggles can be adjusted so that the wearer can see through the goggles.

The first pair is expected to ship in March, and they will cost $150.

The Goggles are currently only available through a partnership with Nike.

The lenses will be made by a company called Sports Vision, which has had success making sports-oriented sunglasses.

“Nike and Sports Vision are two brands that have been doing glasses for a while now,” Bitter said.

Nike’s sports-focused sports eyewear has been in use for a long time, and its sports-specific glasses have been popular with athletes for years.

“You’re really seeing an evolution in sports goggles,” Bimmer said.

He said that Nike is excited to be working with the company to create goggles for the sports market.

Binders plans to make the goggles compatible with other helmet designs in the near future.

And, he is also hoping to work with other companies to produce goggles that fit into helmets.

He hopes to ship the goggles to retailers by the end of the year.

The Future: There’s no timeline for when the glasses will be available, but a spokesperson for Nike did say that the glasses could be available as early as March.

The only other glasses that have gone through the development stage are Nike’s high-tech sports goggles that have a proprietary technology that allows for tracking and tracking accuracy.

That’s why it’s unclear if the glasses can be made to work well with helmets.

Bitter says that the company has already gotten a lot out of the glasses.

“It’s a pretty significant breakthrough in sports technology,” he explained.

And it shows that sports glasses can help athletes stay alert during intense competitions.

Bimmer is also excited to get the glasses to people who aren’t already fans of sports.

He’s already gotten feedback from some customers, who he said are eager to try the glasses out.

“I think it’s going to be a great fit,” Biper said.

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