Game Advertising

On the eve of Super Bowl XLVII, HBO and Comcast’s NFL Network, owned by Comcast, took the first big step toward a nationwide rollout of their pay-per-view sports programming.

The two companies unveiled the network’s first two full-season seasons Friday.

In addition to ESPN and NBC, HBO has been in talks with ESPN to offer additional NFL and college football games, including the first two seasons of “Monday Night Football.”

In addition, the networks are exploring the possibility of creating a cable version of the NFL Network.

ESPN also has a deal to stream “Monday Ticket,” a 24-hour live NFL broadcast, beginning this season.

The networks’ upfront deals with HBO and ESPN will pay them an average of $8.25 million per season through 2024, and a total of $19 million per year through 2024.

HBO, which is already available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, has yet to decide if it will go forward with a full-year broadcast deal.

The upfronts for “The Price is Right” and “The Biggest Loser” are expected to generate at least $4 million per hour.

HBO is expected to earn an average $12.7 million per episode, according to sources.

“The price is right” was first introduced in 2013 as an HBO show that was picked up for a second season.

It’s now available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Google Chromecast.

HBO has long been a player in the pay-for-view TV arena, having launched a handful of pay-TV networks.

HBO’s original “Hard Knocks” aired on NBC in 2013, and “Inside the NFL” aired in 2016.

HBO also has two original cable series, “The People v.

O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” and HBO’s “The Wire.”

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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