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The Olympia Sports Store, which has been selling outdoor sports gear since 1974, will close for good on Friday after being hit with a $100,000 lawsuit filed by an online retailer.

The lawsuit filed last week by OlyMans Sports, LLC alleges that the outdoor gear store, located at a parking lot on Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, D.C., violated state and federal laws in the sale of items that infringed upon its trademarks.

The Olymans Sports store, which had more than 1,200 employees, was among several outlets that have been sued in recent years for selling gear that infringes on the trademark of the National Rifle Association.

The suit says the Olymans violated the trademark rights of both the NRA and other firearms manufacturers by selling firearms made by the NRA.

The store’s owner, Gary Olymond, declined to comment Friday on the suit.

He told The Washington Times he had been working on the deal with his attorney to sell the Olysons store and had started negotiations last month.

“We’re just trying to move forward with the sale as best we can, and we’re just working hard,” he said.

“The lawsuit doesn’t make it go away.

I think the legal battle has just started and I’m very happy that we’re at the point where we’re making progress.”

The lawsuit accuses the OLYMans store of selling more than 2,500 items that were unauthorized and “defrauding consumers.”

The Olysums Sports store was the only one in the city of Olymont to continue to sell outdoor gear, according to the lawsuit.

The suit also alleges that Oly Mays Sports was selling products that infringe on the rights of other companies and other brands.

The lawsuit also alleges Oly Mans Sports sold merchandise that was not made by OLYMPIA and other trademarks.

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