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The Kentucky Derby is just a few days away and the race’s organizers are hoping to capitalize on the excitement by getting out the vote in order to win their first major prize in history.

The Derby has been a staple of the Kentucky tourism industry for decades and is the largest single sporting event in the state.

However, the race has historically been plagued by racial tensions.

The race has been held in Kentucky since 1908.

As the state’s largest race, the Derby attracts tens of thousands of fans from across the country, as well as from all over the world.

But race organizers and fans alike are hoping that this year’s race will be a better and more inclusive event.

But the organizers are facing some criticism, particularly after a recent incident in which one woman was forced to leave the event because she was being racially profiled.

“We do not feel safe when people are harassing other people, but we are a nation of laws,” Kentucky Derby spokesman Andrew Pappas told The Huffington Post on Wednesday.

“That is something that we are going to work on.”

He said the organizers plan to “focus on bringing the race more in line with the other sports we have.”

“We have a very robust diversity program, and we are very, very conscious of making sure we are not being discriminated against.”

Pappis added that the race will not have a race coordinator, although it will have a “person of color” at the helm.

“The race is a great opportunity for everyone to come together, and everyone will be welcome to the event,” he said.

The Kentucky race is being held in Lexington, Kentucky.

The official Twitter account for the Kentucky Derby tweeted out the race schedule on Wednesday morning, with the race taking place on May 31.

The first two days of the race are also being held at the Lexington Convention Center.

The final day is scheduled for July 12.

The 2017 Kentucky Derby was the first race to be held at a major venue in the U.S. Pappes explained that the organizers were looking for a way to bring more people into the race.

“A lot of people are not going to come in to see the race,” he explained.

“They are not coming in to watch it, but to watch the race and be able to see what it is all about and that is going to be a big part of the experience.”

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