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GoPro is one of the best camera makers out there, but it’s getting tougher to get your hands on the company’s latest product, the Go Pro, for the foreseeable future.

The Go Pro is a great camera, but now GoPro has to change things up to attract new users and keep up with growing demand.

The Go Pro’s newest lens is the 16mm f/1.8, which was designed to go wide-open on a GoPro Hero5 Black, Hero5 Silver, Hero4 Black, and Hero4 Silver.

However, the lens is only available on the GoPro Hero5 Pro.

The company has since updated the lenses for the GoPro Hero6 Black, the GoPro HERO6 Silver, and the GoPro G7 Black.

It’s not clear what’s changed with the lens, but the company told Engadgets that it’s going to change its lens design.

The new lens, called the 16-35mm f1.7-4.5, will come in two versions.

The 16mm version will have a wider aperture and will be used with the Hero5 and Hero6 cameras, while the 35mm version is a wider-open version and will only be used on the GoPro’s Hero6 Silver and Hero7 cameras.

GoPro will also offer the 16 and 35mm lenses separately for a price of $119.99.

The price drop is the first step toward making the new lenses available to more users.

GoPro is also launching a new camera app in the App Store and the Google Play store.

GoPro’s apps are aimed at the enthusiast, who have to be aware of the camera’s limitations before they buy a new phone.

GoPro wants to make the app as easy to use as possible, so the company has to update its app as well.

GoPro has been working on the app for a while, but with this price drop, it looks like the app will be available for a lot more users at launch.

The GoPro app will also have a GoPro Pro Tour mode, which lets users track and view their GoPro Hero3 Black, GoPro Hero4, and GoPro Hero7 records.

GoPro also has an official app for the Hero3, Hero3 Pro, and HERO3+ cameras, and there are two new GoPro Hero cameras that it will release next year.

The Hero3+ is a smaller Hero3 model that’s compatible with GoPro Hero 3 Black, which is the new GoPro flagship camera.

GoPro Hero 2 and Hero3 are the two other new GoPro models that are compatible with Hero3.

GoPro says the new Hero2 and Hero2+ models will have the same camera specs as the Hero 3, but they will have larger batteries.

GoPro hopes to launch the Hero2s next year, and a Hero3 Hero3 is expected to launch in the second half of 2019.

The company is also working on a new GoPro app, but as we’ve reported, it will be a bit more complicated than the one it released with the GoPro app.

GoPro hasn’t confirmed that it plans to change the app to its Hero4 app, or to its GoPro Hero 5 app, though it’s possible that this will be the case.

GoPro isn’t announcing any of the new features for the app, so it’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for the next app.

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