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A new study says it’s easy to be unlikable online.

The study, released Thursday, finds that a President’s online reputation can actually have a positive impact on his or her ability to get the job done.

“President Trump has been in office for less than four months, so the degree to which his or a presidential candidate’s online behavior is reflective of the President’s or a candidate’s overall public persona is not well understood,” study co-author and Northwestern University political scientist Matthew S. Breen told CNNMoney.

“What we know is that people are more likely to share content if the content reflects the President or a particular candidate’s public persona.”

That’s because we want people to feel like they’re in a position to respond, Breen said.

“We want them to feel that their responses are getting to them and that they’re doing the right thing.”

And that’s where online reputation is important, Brennan said.

People who share content are more likeable to other people, he said.

They’re less likely to engage in self-promotion, like trying to sell themselves.

And they’re less inclined to take things personally.

And so, the study found, Trump’s online popularity was negatively impacted by his perceived lack of likability.

The results of the study suggest that people who share negative content online are more prone to become less likable online, and that this effect can have positive effects on the President.

The researchers found that President Trump’s approval ratings dropped by 4% among voters with less than a 5% approval rating on his Facebook page, while his disapproval ratings dropped 6%.

But the negative impact on Trump’s ratings was much more pronounced among those with at least a 4% approval score on Facebook.

This was the case even when looking at the President on a scale of 0-5, with approval ratings dropping 5.4 percentage points.

“These results suggest that the negative effect on approval ratings of the low-approval Facebook users is not limited to approval ratings,” the researchers concluded.

Brennan and his co-authors wrote that they were not surprised by the finding because they previously have found that negative online reactions can make people less likworthy.

“But the more we look at this, the more the idea that the effect is causal becomes more plausible,” Breen added.

“There are other possible explanations that might explain the findings.”

But the study did not specifically address the issue of whether President Trump was perceived to be unfriendly on social media, and whether his approval ratings were affected by his status as a candidate.

“That’s something that’s not clear,” Brenan said.

The authors also noted that their findings do not indicate that people will become more unfriendable or dislike Trump online if they’re perceived to share negative or negative content.

“The results are very general and are not specific to the Facebook network or the Twitter network, which are both more similar to the Internet,” Brannan said, adding that his team will continue to study how the President and his supporters are perceived online.

But Breen pointed out that even when people are perceived to have unfriended someone, that doesn’t mean that they’ll become unfrienders themselves.

“It’s not a self-fulfilling prophecy,” Brien said.

Instead, it’s possible that people’s negative opinions of President Trump can actually increase their likelihood to share positive content online, Brien added.

“It’s also possible that we’re seeing more positive and positive interactions in the online world because of the effect of negative content on a candidate or a party or a country,” Baren said.

Follow USA TODAY reporter Nathan Bomey on Twitter @NathanBomey.

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