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Nike is building out its sports and performance division, and the company is taking the first steps toward developing more sports shoes for the masses.

The company announced Wednesday that it will be working with three-time Olympics gold medalist and former world champion Ryan Lochte to develop a sports shoe for him that is lightweight, comfortable and fast.

The company has been working on a new shoe that is called the Corvette Grand Sport.

The shoe will offer Lochte and other Olympic athletes the same performance level as Nike’s other offerings in the category.

Nike has been testing Corvettes in various locations in Rio de Janeiro, where the games will be held, since 2014.

Nike’s sports shoe has already been tested in Brazil.

The new shoe will be rolled out this year to other athletes in Rio, and Nike is targeting to roll out the new shoe by the end of 2019.

The Nike Corvee Grand Sport will come in two sizes, the 7.1 and 8.0, which are also made by the company.

The 7.0 will be available for purchase starting this summer.

Nike will make more of these shoes for its Olympic athletes.

The Corveette Grand Sport is also the first shoe to be released with a carbon-fiber upper, and it will have a lightweight construction.

Nile’s first-ever sports shoeThe Corveee Grand Sport comes in black, white, and red and will be priced at $200, while the 8.1 will be $240.

Nike is launching the shoes this summer at the Nike+ Summit in Austin, Texas.

It’s not yet clear whether the Corveeces will be released for other countries.

The shoe will run on a “sport-inspired” Nike platform, and while it won’t feature a track, the company will continue to develop the technology for this new shoe.

It will be powered by the new Nike Run technology.

The technology is based on a patented, custom, “fusion” material that uses energy from the wind to create a lightweight and flexible sole.

The shoes will be designed for athletes with specific physical characteristics, such as height, weight, and running ability.

The shoes will offer an optimal fit, meaning they will have minimal wear.

The upper will be made from a lightweight, high-density composite that is lighter and more flexible than the upper of other Nike shoes.

The heel will be padded with foam.

Nike says the Corvetas will feature an all-over rubber sole that offers cushioning and stability.

The CorvetteGrand Sport will be the first Nike sports shoe to offer a shoe with a track.

The Nike Run+ technology that is being developed in conjunction with Nike will help create the most realistic and optimal running experience.

The technology will also be used to develop more shoes that are faster and more responsive than current shoes.

Nike’s chief technology officer, Chris Gelfand, told Bloomberg that the company wants to make shoes that deliver performance, stability and comfort, while maintaining a competitive advantage.

The first Corvecees will retail for $250 and the Corviets will retail at $300.

The retail price for a pair will start at $260.

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