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The Muppet Movie, a reimagining of the iconic animated TV show starring Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy, is the latest big movie to take the leap into television, and we’re already beginning to see the results.

With a production budget of $150 million, the Muppettes, which will debut in 2019, is a movie with the potential to redefine how kids learn.

The story takes place in a world where children have mastered puppets, and where the world is filled with all kinds of toys, from toys that can talk to pets to toys that are all-new and amazing.

But what makes the Muppet movie so special is that it is not a Disney movie.

Instead, it is a completely original take on the classic Muppet cartoon that aired from 1967 to 1973.

As the movie opens, a man who’s played by Jim Henson is talking about a toy called a “puppet,” a kind of toy that has no personality.

The toy, of course, is all-black, with a human face and a mouth.

It was called “the toy of choice” by the Muggles, the children’s show on NBC.

The Muggs were a bunch of white people who had invented a toy that could talk and play with a puppet.

The show, which aired from 1966 to 1968, featured Kermit, Miss Pigsty, Gonzo, Piggy and the rest of the MooMoo family, as well as their famous friend Piggy Bear.

The movie is set in the fictional town of Lake Placid, New York, which was founded in 1967 as the Minkopolis, a town full of Muppeters.

Kermit is the town’s mayor, who also happens to be a puppeteer and one of the most popular characters in the show.

In the movie, the townspeople are all white, and all of the children are all puppets.

When Kermit gets the idea to make a puppet out of a toy, he goes to a toy store to buy a toy.

It’s a toy from a toy shop called “The Muppet Store,” and it’s an all-white toy, with no face, and no mouth.

Kerim is very excited to have it, and he gives it to the kid, but the kid is very sad, and the puppet doesn’t want to go back to the Minky-Dinky store, because he doesn’t understand it.

Kermetts daughter, Missy, wants to play with it, but she has no idea what it is.

Kermite, the new toy, appears at the lake, and Kermit has a plan to use it to solve a mystery: Who is the mysterious puppet who’s making the Mee-Mee?

Kermit goes to the toy store, and they tell him who it is: a white boy named Kootie.

Kerm, Gonz and Piggy are also there.

Gonzo is the new Muppet, and Piggo is the boy who played with the toy, so Kermit and Missy get a hold of Gonzo.

Gonz is the Mook, and Missm, the girl, is just trying to figure out what’s going on.

The boy says, “Mee-mee, the puppet is white.”

Kermit thinks he has a new toy.

Gonzy is disappointed, and she doesn’t get the toy.

Kermin, Gonzy, and Gonzo are confused, so they go into a store and find the new puppet.

They get the puppet, and it says, with the words “White Puppet,” which is a blackface term.

And that’s the name Kermit’s Muppet Muppeteer is.

The rest of Kermits family is not so happy, and when Kermit shows Gonzo the toy and Gonzy the puppet one last time, Gonzing goes to his room, and his mom yells, “It’s not white, it’s black!”

Kermit says, and that’s when Kermin is confused.

Gonzos mom goes in the kitchen, and there’s a white doll that’s sitting on the stove, and her mom says, ‘It’s a puppet.’

And Gonzo says, Oh, I get it, I’m not a puppet, I’ve seen it.

And Gonzy says, It’s not a toy!

Kermit sees this and he is, “Oh, that’s right.”

He says, I am, “it’s a black puppet!”

So Gonzo’s mom goes back in, and says, What’s going to happen now, is Kermit will be the black puppet, which Gonzo thinks is a good idea, but Kermit does not like Gonzo at all.

Kermand is in the back, and you see him sitting there, looking like a kid.

So Gonz asks, “What is this?

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