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Nine New Years Eve: 9:00am, Sydney’s iconic Nines Stadium opens to the public, sporting events and much more.

The Sydney Swans’ AFL Grand Final has been cancelled as a result.

The Nines Arena will be used for the grand final of the NRL’s Grand Final on New Year’s Day, but the AFL will still be playing its final game.

Sports psychology is a new field of study focusing on the psychology of sport, and what it means for people and the way we play, interact and experience sports.

The research shows that the best athletes are those who are in control of their emotions, says psychologist Dr David Senn, who is a senior lecturer in sport psychology at Monash University.

It also shows that it is important to be able to control our emotions.

Senn says that many people are not very good at managing emotions.

“People tend to be afraid to be sad, and a lot of them are quite shy, but a lot are very good.

People can be very good in controlling their emotions.

That’s where people can excel,” he says.

“And when people are in the moment, they are in a better position to do that.”

Dr Senn believes there are a number of reasons why people may struggle to control their emotions in a sport.

They may be afraid of being judged, and may not be able or willing to tell their own stories about what happened, he says, or may be struggling to communicate what is happening.

Dr Senny says that sports psychology is an area of research that is particularly relevant for athletes because they have to make decisions in the heat of the moment.

“They have to be very conscious of their feelings, but also how they are using their body and what they are doing to make the decision, and also their ability to think about the implications of that,” he explains.

“The more you understand about people’s feelings and how they react to the situation, the better you can predict what they might do and how to deal with it.”

A key area for sports psychology research is the development of emotion regulation.

Dr David says it is not enough to just study what people are doing in the present.

“It’s important to know what they’re doing at that moment, because we want to be aware of what the athlete is feeling, how they’re reacting and how that affects their performance, and the impact on their performance,” he tells 7.30.

A good example of a sports psychologist conducting research into emotion regulation is psychologist Dr Simon Williams.

He is a professor of sport psychology and sport management at the University of Sydney and has conducted research on the effect of sport on emotion regulation in the sporting context.

In a recent study, Dr Williams and his colleagues found that when players were in control, their ability for emotional regulation was lower.

In their next study, the team asked participants to rate how anxious they were feeling about a sporting event, and whether they were happy or sad about that event.

Results showed that players who were in the control of emotions during a sporting experience were less likely to feel anxious, less likely than those in the emotion-regulating state to feel happy, and less likely if they were sad.

The team also found that athletes who were also in control during a sports event were more likely to be satisfied with their performance during the event.

“When the team asks athletes what their emotions are, they’re really looking at what they need to do to be in control and to be happy,” says Dr Williams.

Dr Williams says that if athletes can understand what is going on in the game and their emotions can be controlled, they can be more effective at managing their emotions and improving performance.

“Emotions are important, but they’re not the only factor in sport,” he continues.

“We know that people can make decisions to regulate their emotions.”

Dr Williams believes that athletes are often unable to control themselves in sports.

“I think athletes, in particular, may be able, on a day-to-day basis, to control the emotions that they’re feeling in their game,” he adds.

The science behind sports psychology Dr Senna also believes that it’s important for athletes to understand the psychology behind their sports.

Dr Chris Rizzo is a sports psychology researcher at the Australian National University and a senior fellow at the Sports Psychology Research Centre.

Dr Rizzoc says that the psychology that goes into the performance of sport is largely dependent on the ability of athletes to control emotions.

He says that a key part of being able to regulate your emotions in sport is understanding how your body responds to the stimuli that your body is exposed to in sport.

For example, Dr Rizoc says, athletes should be aware that their performance in sport will be affected by their emotions during that time of day.

“What we are trying to do is understand how our body processes these emotions and we want athletes to know how to control that,” says Rizzow. “That

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