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It was the summer of 2015.

My wife and I had just moved to Florida to be with our daughter.

My friend, who I was planning on marrying, and I were spending our summers there, and he’d been working on a new show with the people he had been friends with at the time.

He was shooting a documentary about his life and work.

It was a lot of fun, but there were also a lot things about our relationship that weren’t quite right.

My first wife was always incredibly supportive and kind and thoughtful.

But over the past two years, things started to get a little too strange.

I started having problems.

I’d just moved into a new place and didn’t know how to make friends, so my new boyfriend would often get on my nerves and just start shouting at me.

At first, I was upset and didn�t know why.

I thought it was because he was angry at me, or because I was trying to be so nice to him.

And then one day, he told me he’d gone on a date with a woman I didn�T know and that he was pregnant.

I just started crying.

At that point, I thought maybe my wife had left the relationship or I was dating someone else and she was just making it up as she went along.

I was devastated.

I felt guilty.

I blamed myself.

At the time, I just didn�tt know what to do.

I didn’t really know what the best course of action was.

But now that I know it was more than just a bad breakup, I realized that I should have talked to my wife about it sooner.

She knew I was having problems with her, and she told me that she was taking me to a therapist and had been since December. I couldn�t believe it.

I had no idea that the therapist was the one who was supposed to help me, and even though it was December, I didn���t realize that I was pregnant until January.

But I had to have the baby because I needed to raise my daughter.

I went to a fertility clinic that I had never been to before and it was a disaster.

They put me in an induced abortion.

I got pregnant again, but this time, there was no heartbeat, so I had an abortion on the second try.

I tried to have a second baby but the baby had no heartbeat.

I think I had a miscarriage, but the doctors didn�ll tell me.

I lost my job, my house, and my daughter in a tragic car crash in the middle of January.

I ended up in a homeless shelter, and the people who knew me the best told me I was in the hospital for about a week.

I came out of the hospital, but it was like I had lost my mind.

I knew I wasn�t going to make it.

At one point, the doctor said to me, �This is your last chance.

You have to have an abortion, or you�ll be homeless, or whatever.� I said, �Yeah, yeah, yeah.� I had been struggling with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks since the crash, and it just seemed like a good idea to abort.

And my doctor was there to help, and they did an emergency abortion.

The doctor had to come in, so he did.

It wasn�ts over yet.

After a few weeks, I�ve recovered and am starting to work again.

I�m doing the best I can now, but I still have the anxiety that came out.

I can barely remember what happened after the abortion.

It happened when I was on my way to pick up my daughter, and when I got to the hospital I thought I was going to have another baby.

But instead I was told that I didn��t need to have surgery, that I�d need to go home and get it over with.

So I went home and had the baby.

I still haven�t fully recovered, but that baby is beautiful.

I want to be able to raise a beautiful child and feel proud of what she has.

It�s hard to say the words, because I don�t want to sound judgmental.

I hope that what happened to me and what happened with my wife was just an isolated incident, and that I will never be in a situation like that again.

But, at the same time, that was my first time ever in an abortion clinic, so it wasn�tt easy for me to get my head around it.

The first abortion clinic I went through in the United States was a Planned Parenthood in New York City.

It had an exam room and they had a nurse and a doctor.

They had a sign that said �Get tested.� I was really worried.

When I got the call, I went down and got my test.

I took a picture of the test, and as soon as I saw that I thought, �I�ve got to get tested

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