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A sports bike has always been popular in Australia, and this month, the Australian Government will unveil the most expensive sportbike in the world.

The sportbike, which is based on a British motorcycle, is the world’s most expensive motorcycle and is expected to fetch $6,000 (AU$9,500) when it goes on sale in March.

This will be the second time the government has sold a sportbike to a foreign buyer.

It was sold in the US in 2013 for $5,000, and it is expected that the sportbike will be sold to a European buyer.

The bike is based around a British supercar and features an eight-speed transmission.

“The Australian Government is proud to announce that it will soon be offering the most technologically advanced sportbike ever produced by an Australian company,” Australian Motorcycle Manufacturers Association chief executive officer Paul Jolliffe said in a statement.

It will be produced by British firm BSA, and the Australian government has confirmed that it is planning to sell the bike to a French buyer.

The price will be based on the manufacturer’s standard specification.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian motorcycle uses about 5.5 kilograms of fuel per kilometre.

A typical Australian motorbike has four cylinders and a power output of about 70 horsepower.

Its suspension is designed to support the rider’s weight.

Australian manufacturers have been competing for years to sell sportbikes in Australia.

The country has long been a hub for overseas motorcycle manufacturing, but it has recently seen a boom in domestic production of high-performance bikes, including the Kawasaki ZX-10R.

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